16.03.2020. 11:21:34

ASHES is the first single of an upcoming debut album by Be Sharp Band. The significance of this single is explained by the fact that the upcoming album, coming out on 17. 4. 2020., was named after this very song.

The song itself is a powerful number that submerges you in an apocalyptic human fight with oneself, through a compelling mixture of various genres with a fine blues underline.


Mladen Lončar Mike, Soundguardian

From the first milisecond you will probably get that build-up sensation. And it is very hard to get that 'something' out there in 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

The guitar gives a powerful intro. While the rhythm section steadily pumps in those blue notes you get those strong, at times very Janis Joplin charged, but still very much their own, clear and concise vocal parts that make your hair stand up in the air.

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